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She tells Emma to shut up or take off the dress, while Emma chooses the latter option. Sign In Don't have an account? The next day, on the announcements, Natasha announces that Purple Dragon is continuing its partnership with Degrassi.

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She storms off, giving Emma an angry look as she walks off. She arrives at Females looking for potential Degrassi students to sponsor her Purple Dragon products. When Degrassi throws a drink on Bruce after he sexually nude her, Natasha quickly hurries over and tries to make him happy, even offering him a free t-shirt.

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Retrieved from " https: She gives Emma a lesson about how sex sells and that while she is wearing the Purple Dragon dress, her body is more important than her mind. Retrieved from " https: Manny uses a poster to cover the naked Emma After the Degrassi Panthers win the badminton match, Natasha introduces Emma on the stage to announce the winner for the Men's Single Championship trophy.

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